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Info-Cop™ Backtrace Application

What is Backtrace?
Backtrace is a unique service feature paired with GTBM’s Info-Cop® software. This
investigative tool provides all New Jersey Law Enforcement Agencies the ability to search for persons who have been arrested and their interactions with Law Enforcement. Through a simple and intuitive web application that requires no additional special software, your Agency can be one step ahead of the criminal.

Who gets Backtrace?
Backtrace is available to ALL NJ BASED LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES!!!

How does Backtrace work?
Through a web browser, no special software needed.

How does long is Backtrace Training?

Training takes between 30-45 minutes with no further training needed.

What is the advantage to using Backtrace?
Backtrace is a proven crime-fighting tool.  In its initial testing phase alone, clients
used Backtrace to solve several crimes. Its time-saving information promotes efficiency
and recoups investigative man-hours.

How do I get Backtrace?
Have questions or need additional information fill out the form below and one of our Backtrace consultants will get in contact with you and answer all of your questions for you.

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