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Software Suite for Corporate Security

Info-Corp™ is a revolutionary turnkey solution that enables corporations to enhance security through real-time credential verification. This patented software was awarded recognition as a Qualified Anti- Terrorism technology, under the Safety Act, by the Department of Homeland Security.


With Info-Corp™, authorized users scan drivers’ licenses or manually input individual names and dates of birth to 1) verify identity and 2) search for any active wants or warrants against a variety of federal, state and local databases, including:

• the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) databases;

• the Federal Terrorist Screening Watchlist; and

• the department of motor vehicles for all fifty states.


Info-Corp™ query results are returned in a matter of seconds to wired or wireless devices in the hands of authorized users. The software provides a real-time warning system and the returned information highlights a particular threat or triggers a flag requiring further review, while protecting individual privacy. Info-Corp™ can be quickly deployed at all entry points to enhance security of critical infrastructure and key assets, including:

• Vehicle checkpoints;

• Visitor reception areas;

• Delivery entrances; and

• Parking garages.

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