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At GTBM™, we understand that in Law Enforcement IT technology investment can be a big step, and much of the choice is about trust, and the integrity, and experience of who you've chosen to help you. We also understand that technology by itself is useless unless it helps you achieve your Law Enforcement objectives. Building and proactively maintaining a computer network is a challenge - even if you have a full-time IT staff. You've got to consider where to go for hardware and software, what you need to make it work, and finding someone truly competent that you can trust, who will be around to support this network.

GTBM™ provides Managed IT Services, Computer Network Consulting Services, Support, and Technology Solutions, and Structured Cabling Solutions, provided locally from East Rutherford, NJ. This includes sales, service, design, support and integration services. We're very focused on what we do too - we design, implement, sell and proactively support secure, reliable, and efficient computer networks. Our professional systems engineers have the experience with many different computer network technologies that gives GTBM™ the ability to build anything from a single-server small business LAN, to high-availability networks and infrastructure capable of supporting the most demanding needs in the Law Enforcement sector.


GTBM™ Network Solutions; is a simple and cost effective way to:


  • Worry-Free Uptime Reliability

  • Get support for your network when you need it

  • We support today’s most demanding Law Enforcement applications

  • Remove the burden of support and upgrading your Network

  • Improve productivity where it COUNTS! On the STREET!

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